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Do You Also Struggle With Gluten?

Request your free sourdough bread today. Receive a free sample of fresh, tasty & nutritious bread within a few days by clicking below. Free shipping all over Canada.

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Loved by 600+ customers every month all over Canada

Natural life changing bread, healthy, fresh, easy to digest and delicious

"Received my free sample. Delicious and did not upset me in any way. I will be driving out to sample your other products."

- Ethel S., British Columbia

"I received my sample today. It is very delicious with a dense but airy and moist texture. Love all 3 sample varieties."

- Karen R, Vancouver - 10 Oct 2017

"I am gluten intolerant and happy to report that I tried one of your loaves and I am able to tolerate it. So thankful because it is awesome bread and I hate gluten-free bread."

- Eva R, Vancouver - 09 Oct 2017

What Makes Our Bread so Special?

Our family has been making artisanal bread for over 12 years. After trying our fresh, natural levain, sourdough bread many of our customer have returned happy to not have suffered from those uncomfortable symptoms associated with other kinds of bread.

Don't Eat Just To Survive, But Eat For Pleasure.

Why Is It Free?

We are a family and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a bite of our fresh bread. Many of our customers notice an improvement in their health condition after trying our bread, but don't take our word for it, try some for yourself for free today and let us know what you think.

If eating regular store bought bread bothers you (digestive issues or fatigue after eating foods containing gluten), you may suffer from gluten intolerance. Only doctors can diagnose a gluten intolerance, and if you suffer from celiac disease (diagnosed with a blood test), then probably no amount of gluten should pass your lips. BeNanna Bakery does not encourage anyone diagnosed with celiac disease to consume our bread.

A lot of our customers who suffer from gluten intolerance or sensitivity have been able to digest our sourdough bread, and were amazed and delighted to be able to enjoy eating bread again! That wonderful natural yeast (levain) neutralizes the phytic acid, allowing our systems to better tolerate sourdough. 

About Our Sourdough

  • Only made with water, flour, salt
  • Baked on the oven stones
  • Beautifull color and crust
  • No additives¬†
  • Sugar free
  • 36 hour process
  • Baked fresh everyday
  • Only the freshest ingredients ¬†

Don't Eat Just To Survive, But Eat For Pleasure.