Struggling With Gluten?

This Should Give You Hope!

Sourdough: The ancient answer to gluten intolerance

If eating regular store bought bread bothers you (digestive issues or fatigue after eating foods containing gluten), you may suffer from gluten intolerance. Only doctors can diagnose a gluten intolerance, and if you suffer from celiac disease (diagnosed with a blood test), then probably no amount of gluten should pass your lips. BeNanna Bakery does NOT encourage anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease to consume our bread! 

But we have GOOD NEWS for those with gluten intolerance! Many of our regular customers have tried our fresh, artisan natural levain sourdough and rejoiced that they don’t suffer those uncomfortable symptoms associated with other bread. Why? — you ask. 

SOURDOUGH BREAD is made with naturally grown yeast cultures which make it easier to digest! 

MORE info on sourdough: “WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH SOURDOUGH?” and why it might be the answer to your tummy troubles. After all, why should YOU miss out on freshly baked quality bread? 

Our bread takes over 24 hours to leaven, and we use only the best ingredients—NO additives or preservatives! What ARE the ingredients? Water, yeast, natural sourdough starter, flour. . . and a pinch of love . . . that’s all folks! We are passionate when it comes to our bread, and we want all of our customers to be able to enjoy it. We experiment with new flavours of sourdough all the time: Rosemary & Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, Pecan Raisin, Cranberry Sourdough etc. 

Sourdough Starter

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Loaf of Bread
Sourdough Benanna Bakery


  • Made From Scratch
  • Water, Flour, Salt, ONLY
  • Baked On the Oven Stones
  • Beautifull Color And Crust
Sourdough Benanna Bakery


  • Sugar FREE
  • Better Digestable (your body will love it)
  • Water, Flour, Salt ONLY
  • NO additives 

Sourdough Benanna Bakery


  • Baked Fresh Everyday
  • We Maintain Our Own Starter
  • Only the Freshest Ingredients
  • 36 Hour Process

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